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Pharmacists Ready to Work Closely With Any Senate Inquiry

The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia will work cooperatively with all stakeholders in any Senate inquiry into the Community Pharmacy Agreements process to ensure the best possible outcomes for the community, the pharmacy profession and Australia’s health system.

National President of the PSA, Grant Kardachi, was commenting after the call today by the Greens Parliamentary Spokesman on Health, Dr Richard Di Natale, for a Senate inquiry into the structure of the Community Pharmacy Agreements and how they are negotiated.

Mr Kardachi said PSA’s focus throughout any inquiry would be on improving the health outcomes of consumers through the professional focus and activities of pharmacists and on the sustainability of the pharmacy profession.

“Pharmacists need to be able to provide the best possible advice and services based on their extensive knowledge  and experience, and to use these skills in the best health interests of the patient,” Mr Kardachi said.

“It is clearly in the interests of the community that programs and services provided under the Community Pharmacy Agreements are developed by leaders from across the profession who should work transparently with the Government, consumers and other health professionals.”

Pharmacists Ready to Work Closely With Any Senate Inquiry


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