Advanced Pharmacy Practice A Consultation Paper for the Pharmacy Profession

March 2012
Background and purpose
It is important that this initiative directed at defining and recognising advanced pharmacy practice has input 
from and the support of the profession.  This Consultation Paper has been prepared through the Advanced  Pharmacy Practice Framework Steering Committee (APPFSC) on behalf of the pharmacy organisations whose logos appear below.  It was prepared for consultation within the pharmacy profession and is intended as a means to seek support of the profession and stimulate debate and feedback that will improve its content.
The work being undertaken by the APPFSC is intended to be one activity that may help to inform further development of the profession and of the professional roles performed.  The APPFSC is committed to pursuing formal recognition for those pharmacists demonstrated to be working at an advanced practice level and it is hoped this work will underpin efforts to gain that recognition.
Following an eight-week consultation period, the APPFSC will meet to discuss comments and submissions received with a view to creating a final draft document.
The final draft document will be provided to Steering Committee Members to seek comment and endorsement by the board of their respective organisations.  The document will then be finalised by the APPFSC on behalf of the pharmacy profession and submitted to the Pharmacy Board of Australia for consideration.
Written submissions are invited from members of the pharmacy profession.  Twelve Consultation issues are listed in the document but comment is welcomed on any matter contained in the Paper.
Written submissions marked ‘Advanced Pharmacy Practice Consultation’ may be:
– posted to PO Box 42, Deakin West, ACT 2600; or
– emailed to [email protected]
Submissions must be received by close of business on 15 May 2012 to be considered in this 
consultation process.
A background document used to develop this Consultation Paper and containing additional detail of:
– the mapping of the CoDEG framework to the Australian national competency framework; and
– example application of the APPF to another practice area (Management and Administration);is available on request by email (only).  Please send an email to [email protected] with the Subject line “APP Background paper requested”.
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