Guild provides free online CPD activities to support the professional development of pharmacists

16 Sep, 2014


The Pharmacy Guild of Australia is committed to the continuing professional development of community
pharmacists. To assist pharmacists in reaching their annual Pharmacy Board of Australia requirements for
professional development, the Guild has made their online education service, myCPD, available free to all
The Guild is one of Australia’s largest providers of online pharmacy education. In August, 2014, the Guild
recorded over 6,000 course completions by around 18,000 pharmacists. The quality of myCPD’s content has
been bolstered through partnerships with leading experts in the health sector, including Beyond Blue,
Boehringer Ingelheim, Australian Asthma Council, AstraZeneca and the Heart foundation.
myCPD provides access to over thirty five educational activities accredited for Group 2 CPD points. There
is a strong focus on education that supports the ongoing sustainability and growth of your pharmacy.
Modules cover topics such as how to run professional services in your pharmacy, how to effectively utilise
available pharmacy practice incentives and how to ensure you meet current industrial relations requirements
in your store.
To complement their business focus, the Guild has also made available more than fifteen clinical modules
which cover topics such as disease state education, medication management and therapeutic updates for
new drugs. Pharmacists are also able to submit answers to Australian Pharmacist, Pharmacy News and AJP
assessment items via myCPD.
By utilising the self-record function and the extensive library of online education modules, pharmacists are
able to use myCPD to centralise all of their professional development efforts. This simplifies the
pharmacists reporting of CPD activity to the Pharmacy Board.
In the coming months, the Pharmacy Guild Academy, the educational wing of the Guild, will be
releasing a suite of online education modules via myCPD as part of the Guild’s pharmacy
transformation support for Guild members. These modules are aimed at assisting pharmacies in
maximising the opportunities available to them to buffer the effects of PBS reform and growing cost
pressures. The first module is called ‘Pharmacist-Only Health Solutions – Preparing your pharmacy for change’.
This module will assist pharmacists in enhancing their service offering to customers through their
provision of PharmacistOnly Medicines.
To register for or access myCPD, visit
Pharmacy organisations looking to be involved in the development of future pharmacist training modules
should contact Adam Casey at the Guild Pharmacy Academy on 03 9810 9945.