PGA Newsletter – Vol.2 No.10 21st Mar.,2012

21st Mar.,2012

New legislation overhauling Australia’s patent system will encourage medical 
research and bring Australia into line with intellectual property systems in other OECD countries Medicines Australia Chief Executive Dr Brendan Shaw said.
The Raising the Bar Bill, which was finally passed in Federal Parliament this week, 
introduces a “research use exemption” which will allow scientists to conduct 
research on patented inventions without infringing those patents.“This bill makes it absolutely clear that 
scientists are free to conduct research on patented inventions, so long as the 
purpose of that research is investigation and not the infringement of valid 
patents,” Dr Shaw said.“It serves to allay concerns that patents can potentially stifle scientific research.
“The bill also raises the threshold of patentability for all fields of technology, 
ensuring that Australian patents can stand up to scrutiny in any jurisdiction 
around the world.
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