PSA welcomes Dutton call at PAC14 to better utilise skills and expertise of pharmacists

12 Oct, 2014


Calls by the Minister for Health, Peter Dutton, for the health professionals to work together to improve patient outcomes have been echoed in a discussion paper released by the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia at the weekend.

In a message to delegates at PSA’s annual conference, PAC 14, Mr Dutton said the role of pharmacists, particularly around primary care, was evolving.

“PSA has been advocating for an enhanced role for pharmacists in primary healthcare and this is an area in which we all have a very keen interest,” Mr Dutton said.

“Pharmacists are already key players in coordinating and integrating care to improve patient health outcomes… the skills and expertise of pharmacists need to be better utilised and I am pleased there is a similar view across the health sector.”

Launching a Sixth Community Pharmacy Agreement discussion paper, entitled, Better health outcomes through improved primary care: Optimising pharmacy’s contribution, PSA National President Grant Kardachi called on all health professional organisations to join in the discussion.

Mr Kardachi said the next Agreement needed a strong focus on evidence-based pharmacist services focussed on meeting patients’ needs.

“Mr Dutton has strongly supported this approach and this paper provides an opportunity for health professionals and the public to comment on how pharmacists can help achieve this goal in a pragmatic and sustainable manner,” Mr Kardachi said.

“The Minister also commented on the positive approach taken by PSA in joining with the AMA to develop a more integrated role for pharmacists in primary health care, with particular reference to PSA’s talks with the AMA to integrate pharmacists into GP clinics as part of primary health care teams.

“Our paper is an important document that should be examined and commented on by health professionals across all sectors in Australia

“I urge all health professional to examine the paper and provide PSA with feedback and suggestions. We need to ensure this Agreement meets the expectations and needs of the health-consuming public and we can only achieve this by all sectors of the health profession working together with a common goal of improving the health of consumers.”

Media contact:   Peter Waterman

Public Affairs Director
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