WPPF Seminar Perfectly Closed on Feb.

The WPPF in cooperation with PPhA Seminar

The WPPF seminar was held in Pasig City, Philippine on February 19, 2011.The topic of this seminar was Recent and Future Development Pharmacy Practice in the Western Pacific Region-A Challenge to Pharmacy.

Mrs. Leonila M. Ocampo,the President of PPhA, opened this big ceremony, and John Ware, the President of WPPF, gave the speech of Looking over the Horizon. Hon. Reynaldo H.Umli, the Chairman, Board of Pharmacy, PRC, introduced the speakers and lectures: Dr. Jenny Gowan, Dr. Tony Tarn, Asso. Prof. Wai Keung Chiu, and Ms, Jin Kee Baek.

Mrs. Leonila M.Ocampo and Ms. Normita D. Leyesa gave attentive presentation of community and hospital pharmacy in Philippine. The audience included the pharmacists from cities in Philippine.

The seminar successfully ended and expressed the pharmacy society.