1st Board Certified Psychiatric …

1st Board Certified Psychiatric Pharmacists in Asia

Two of our members from IMH became the first pharmacists in Asia to receive the US Board of Pharmaceutical Specialties (BPS) certification in mental health.

Emily Liew and Ng Boon Tat, are the first in Asia to receive the Board of Pharmaceutical Specialties (BPS) certification in mental health from the United States. As Board Certified Psychiatric Pharmacists (BCPP), they are recognised world-wide as specialist pharmacists in psychiatric pharmacotherapy.

“It’s a privilege to be one of the pioneers of Psychiatric Pharmacy in Singapore. I hope that our achievement will benefit patients in the long run, and attract more pharmacists to join us in caring for the mentally ill.” Said Emily.

“With the BCPP specialist skills, we can play a bigger role in further promoting the safe, effective, rational and economical use of evidence-based psychotropic treatments.” Boon Tat lamented.

Both Emily and Boon Tat are currently Senior Pharmacists with the IMH. Psychiatric pharmacotherapy is an emerging area of pharmaceutical care, especially with the high pace society and where people devote serious amount of efforts juggling career, social, leisure and family life. Often, it would be a challenge to maintian an optimal balance. As a result, psychiatric disorders could become an increasingly important area of pharmacy practice in ensuring the safe, cost-effective and stigma-free patient care speciality.

On behalf of PSS, we would like to congratulate Emily and Boon Tat for their illustrious achievement!

Picture:  Source:http://www.pss.org.sg/main/component/option