2000 Register for Pharmacy Practice Incentives

2000 Register for Pharmacy Practice Incentives


Two thousand community pharmacies have already registered for Pharmacy Practice Incentives – but that means up to three thousand are yet to do so.


The Pharmacy Guild wants to see every eligible community pharmacy in Australia registered before the cut-off date of 30 June this year. After this date, eligible pharmacies will still be able to register, but they will not receive any of the once-only start-up payments. So, eligible pharmacies are well advised to make sure they go online and register before 30 June.


The payments are a new way for pharmacies to be rewarded for their contribution to delivering quality health services. To be eligible, pharmacies must be approved Section 90 pharmacies,

accredited by a pharmacy accreditation program (i.e. QCPP), and agree to comply with and display a

patient service charter.


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