2011 Guide to PSA Programs

2011 Guide to PSA Programs

The introduction of the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme in 2010 has mandated Continuing Professional Development for pharmacists and other health professionals.

PSA has long maintained that it is an ongoing and indisputable responsibility for pharmacists to continually maintain and grow their professional practice as an essential aspect of their career, and the primary means of achieving this is through participation in CPD programs and activities.

The CPD offering also helps to consolidate pharmacists’ role in implementing professional services and performing unique interventions to assist consumers in achieving optimal medication management. The signing of the Fifth Community Pharmacy Agreement saw the introduction of two new professional services, Medicines Use Reviews and Clinical Interventions, both of which offer huge scope for pharmacist who have the required skills – skills which can be accessed through PSA programs.

PSA helps and equips pharmacists respond to this shift and this publication brings together the entire scope of PSA’s professional development and practice support offering for 2011 in the one guide.

The guide, used alongside individual Branch calendars, is designed to give PSA members an easy-to-access reference of what is available, where it is available and when it is available.

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2011 Guide to PSA Programs