2011FIP A Travel Grant Recipient Report Ka Keat Lim,Malaysia

FIP Hyderabad was my many firsts. Not only it was my first FIP Congress, it was also my first international conference, my first time to India and first time meeting colleagues from so many different countries! All thanks to WPPF / FIP Foundation for Education & Research for giving me such a rewarding experience that would greatly affect my life and professional practice. It was a privilege that I would remember for many years to come.

Besides learning from speakers in the series of lectures, I also gained substantially by just speaking to other delegates. All in all, it was a greater learning opportunity than I ever expected and I am proud to say that I have achieved much more than I ever imagined:

1.I attended the Education Taskforce session and was very impressed with the level of commitment shown by the Taskforce members in promoting pharmacy education and conceptualising a platform for knowledge sharing among pharmacy schools. I have volunteered to help out in the coming Global Pharmacy Workforce Report by providing information on the education, planning and mobilisation of pharmacy workforce in Malaysia and am very excited to work on it soon!

2.I believe strongly in professional development of pharmacists and hence attended several lectures in this area as well as one on communication skills. I also had the opportunity to interact with leaders of professional society in some of the social events. From all these I saw the huge opportunities for Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society and our Young Pharmacists Chapter to develop our members. I have committed myself to bring all the learning points home to share with my fellow colleagues from the Society for the benefits of the society and the Profession.

3.In the FIP Young Pharmacist Group Business Meeting, the Committee were discussing to launch “Shape Your Future” project, which was basically an international survey to find out the issues faced by young pharmacists throughout the world, their job satisfaction and aspiration for the profession. As we have the experience of conducting a similar survey in our home country, we had volunteered ourselves to develop the framework for the survey. While we are still waiting for more details from the Committee, it really feels amazing that our work will be going international!

4.As a junior researcher working in drug utilisation and health services provision area, I have met a number of pharmacists and researchers doing similar work in their own countries. Some of them are working under government-linked agencies like myself while some are working in universities or in private companies. I have also managed to get several reviewers for a manuscript that I will be submitting for journal publication soon. I am also looking forward to explore more opportunities for collaboration in the future!

5.I have met many young pharmacists from other countries particularly those around Asian regions and together we have conceived several ideas on international collaboration. Am excited to see all the discussions taking us to the next step and will definitely be more involved in making the plans become reality!

In a nutshell, FIP Hyderabad was an eye-opening experience that I believe all young pharmacists should make full use of. Meanwhile, I have been actively sharing my trip, knowledge and experience that I gained from FIP since I came back, to my colleagues in my workplace as well as Committee members of Malaysian Young Pharmacists Group. Hopefullly with all the skills, knowledge and network gained from the Conference, I will be able to contribute more to the Profession and the society.

Thank you once again to WPPF and FIP for the opportunity! =)





From left: Bright Park, Mr John Ware, Mdm Nariel Ware and Mdm Park Myung Suk.

Mr John Ware and Mdm Park are Council members of WPPF.


With Bryan Posadas, the WPPF / FIP Scholarship winner from Philippines.