2012 25th Jan. News Update Quick Look!

Main WHO News Release:

1.India Records One Year Without Polio Cases 

2.(Last Call)!!!!

2012WPPF/FIP Travel Grant scholarship application is due on 31st Jan.

News Updates:

1.Ten Chinese Medicines Importation Will Be Inspected

2.Department of Health Commend Thirty-Two Internal Pharmaceutical Manufacturers For Updating to PIC/S

3.A Brief Talk About Taking Gastrointestinal Medicine Concepts

4.TFDA Kind Reminder For Not Buying Any Weight-Control Drugs Especially Within Chinese Dragon New Year

5.Flu Threat Expected to Heighten as Holiday Nears

6.India Marks Milestone of a Year Without New Polio Cases

7.Antipsychotics in Focus at Offshore Refresher 

8.Mental Health Roadmap a Good First Step 

9.PGA Newsletter – Vol.2 No.1 18th Jan. 2012 

10.A New Event in 2012 to Accelerate Pharmacy Business 

Pharmacy Education:

1.NPS Case Study Report 70Antipsychotics

2.NPS RADAR January 2012 

International News: 

1.Vaccine Preventable Disease 

2.African trypanosomiasis

3.WHO-(WHSR)Volume 2, Issue 4, October to December 2011



1.10 Stories That Mattered in Access to Medicine 2011

2.Survey of the Quality of Anti-tuberculosis Medicines Circulating in Selected Newly Independent States of the Former Soviet Union 

Upcoming Event:

1.Clinical and Practice Expo 

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