5CPA Pharmacy Practice Incentives

New Incentives for In-Pharmacy Services

that Improve Patient Health

The Fifth Community Pharmacy Agreement (5CPA) introduces a new way for pharmacies to be rewarded for their contribution to delivering quality services and improving health outcomes for patients.

A range of incentives has been introduced called Pharmacy Practice Incentives (PPI). These incentives will only be paid to accredited pharmacies. The Quality Care Pharmacy Program (QCPP) is currently the only pharmacy accrediting body in Australia. As the incentives roll out over the course of the 5CPA, there will be a few added requirements to QCPP that reflect the new incentive arrangements. If you would like assistance to become accredited or maintain your accreditation contact your Guild Branch for assistance with QCPP.

This financial year (2010-11), there are two types of incentive payments available to QCPP accredited pharmacies:

(1)The existing Quality Maintenance Allowance (QMA), which will continue to be paid as in the Fourth Agreement.

(2)A substantial once only ‘start up’, is available for each of the three professional services:

˙Dose Administration Aids (DAAs)

˙Staged Supply

˙Clinical Interventions

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In-Pharmacy Services