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From New Basel Statement 32:

“Postgraduate clinical courses should be developed to prepare hospital pharmacists for collaborative prescribing of medicines, including instruction in legal and professional accountability; this role of hospital pharmacists should be promoted in the curricula of other health professionals.”


Q1.)Are postgraduate clinical courses are available in different countries?

Q2.)What type of information is included in these courses and how long

   they take to complete?

Q3.)How much focus in on collaborative prescribing and how is this taught?

Q4.)How much focus is on their legal and professional accountability and

      how is this taught?

Q5.)How many pharmacists enroll in these courses and what percentage of

      hospital pharmacists in their country have completed such courses.

   Q5-1)Also, to what extent has the role of hospital pharmacists been promoted


      in the curricula of other health professionals?


Q6.)If any of these above aspects of the statement are not currently occurring

   in  your country, what efforts are currently occurring to implement them?