Advanced Pharmacy Practice A Consultation Paper for the Pharmacy Profession

Executive Summary
Professional Pharmacy Practice has both a horizontal and a vertical dimension.  The horizontal dimension, or breadth of practice, is described by the term ‘scope of practice’.

The vertical dimension, or depth of practice, is described as ‘performance level’.  These two dimensions of practice have been explored with a view to clarifying the aspects of professional practice which need to be further described or defined to recognise advanced pharmacy practice.  To ensure consistency in the meaning attributed to the term a definition was developed for ‘scope of practice’.
As a result of the work undertaken in reviewing national and international developments for recognising advanced pharmacy practice it became apparent that most of the work focussed on defining the competencies associated with advanced practice in patient care.  For this reason the initial effort to develop a generic Advanced Pharmacy Practice Framework (APPF) for Australian pharmacists was also made in the area of patient care.  However, because it was felt that any model developed had to be sufficiently flexible to apply to other areas of practice, the flexibility of the model was successfully tested for application in the area of Management and Administration.
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