Agreement marks milestone for PSA

Agreement marks milestone for PSA

PSA marked a milestone in its move to become a single, unified organisation with the signing of the Branch-National Agreement in the Members’ Rooms at Old Parliament House, Canberra, on February 13.

Representatives from five states and National President Brian Grogan signed the agreement which formalises the unified national structure for PSA.

The signatories were: Charlie Benrimoj and Warwick Plunkett (NSW); John Jackson and Joe Demarte (Victoria); Debbie Rigby and Lisa Nissen (Queensland); Grant Kardachi and Adam Phillips (South Australia); Graeme Holloway and Robert Scanlon (Tasmania); and Brian Grogan (National).

The next step will be for each state to form a branch committee and to nominate members to the new National Board which should sit for the first time in mid-2008. Each state will be able to nominate one member to the board with those states comprising more than 20 per cent of PSA’s membership each nominating an additional member. With the recent formation of an ACT branch, that territory will be represented in its own right for the first time at National Board level.

PSA National President Brian Grogan said the signing of the agreement marked a milestone for the Society.

“With this agreement PSA’s structure has been adapted to fit the modern environment in which the profession operates,” Mr Grogan said.

“The health-care environment is changing and it is important for PSA to have a more prominent role in representing the profession and the role of pharmacists with federal and state governments as pharmacy responds to the new circumstances.”

Mr Grogan paid tribute to the many people who had made the agreement possible.

“I must thank all PSA Branches for their support and those PSA state representatives who have been involved in the transition planning process. They have been very dedicated, cohesive and cooperative in overcoming the hurdles that have arisen.

“I also must make special mention of the work of my predecessor as National President, Jay Hooper, who started the planning process in this latest push for a single, unified PSA.”

Mr Grogan also praised the work of the interim Board, PSA staff at both National Office and state branches, and external consultants who helped drive the process forward.

The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia is the organisation that represents the professional interests of Australia’s 16,000 pharmacists. It provides standards of practice, education, training and practice support for pharmacists and helps members of the profession to deliver the best health care to their patients.