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4 Aug, 2014


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The quality use of medicines requires that drugs are used safely and judiciously. Ahamed Zawab and John Carmody discuss how this can be achieved when prescribing sodium valproate, while Rebecca Adams and Robert Bird advise on the quality use of blood products.

Sometimes it is better not to prescribe a drug. This is often the case in childhood coughs, say Danielle Wurzel, Julie Marchant and Anne Chang.

Similar principles apply to the use of nutritional supplements. Anne Schneyder says that the first step in managing elderly people at risk of malnutrition is eating real food.

The quality use of medicines also requires an awareness of drug interactions. Andrew Finch and Peter Pillans explain the role of P-glycoprotein in some interactions.


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Volume 37 Number 4 August 2014




Cost shifting and the quality use of medicines: Is it time for National Medicines Policy 2.0? 
AJ McLachlan




Drug treatments of childhood coughs 
DF Wurzel, JM Marchant, AB Chang


Malnutrition and nutritional supplements
A Schneyder


Safe use of sodium valproate 
A Zawab, J Carmody


Quality use of blood products 
RLC Adams, R Bird


P-glycoprotein and its role in drug-drug interactions 
A Finch, P Pillans






Medicines Safety Update

    Book review

Anterior eye disease and therapeutics A–Z




Afatinib for non small cell lung carcinoma


Macitentan for pulmonary arterial hypertension


Riociguat for pulmonary hypertension


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