Bio-Organics Coq10 Gold Cross Campaign

Media Release: Gold Cross brand campaign gains momentum with Bio-Organics

(News released by The Pharmacy Guild of Australia)

The highly-valued Gold Cross brand is about to receive another boost through the support of sanofiaventis Consumer Healthcare. For the first time, Bio-Organics CoQ10 will join the Gold Cross brand campaign.

Bio-Organics is an Australian nutraceutical brand with evidence based formulas.

The campaign will focus on patients taking cholesterol-lowering medication whose levels of naturally occurring CoQ10 may be depleted. CoQ10 is an antioxidant that plays a vital role in the production of cellular energy and therefore is essential to energy dependent processes.

Bio-Organics is a popular CoQ10 brand, holding 20% share in pharmacy (Source: AZTEC scan data, national pharmacy, MAT to 14/2/10.) Its featured super strength 150mg product is already a top seller in the brand.

The campaign is aimed at reinforcing the Gold Cross as the symbol of the profession – representing trust, service and advice. The message focuses on the benefits of Bio-Organics CoQ10 with the final message to ‘Ask your pharmacist where you see the Gold Cross’.

Pharmacists and pharmacy staff should note that this campaign does not imply endorsement by the Guild of Bio-Organics CoQ10, rather Bio-Organics CoQ10 endorses the excellent advice given by pharmacists and staff in providing the product.

Bio-Organics CoQ10 is supplied by sanofi-aventis Consumer Healthcare – a long time supporter of pharmacy. For Pharmacies currently not stocking Bio-Organics CoQ10, It is available direct from sanofi-aventis or from your wholesaler.

The Bio-Organics CoQ10 Gold cross campaign commences on the 4th April and will run for 7 weeks.

Pharmacies can contribute to the strength of the Gold Cross brand in the following ways:

˙Please ensure you have a Gold Cross sign clearly displayed near the dispensary, and

˙Use the Guild Logo on uniforms, name badges, statements, business cards and internal and external storage.

For more information, please contact Peter Moore Gold Cross Products and services on 07 32525498 or [email protected].