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Pharmaceutical Association Congress

2004 Oct 10 -11 The 37th Pharmaceutical Association Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science, Aomori, Japan Source:


Pharmacist training in Japan is currently 4 years, shorter than most other countries. There has been growing concern that the length of training is not sufficient to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to immediately start working after…

New policy of prescription drugs

At the end of last year, a government study group proposed a new policy on the sale of drugs. From this new policy, the government has allowed the sale of drugs in the absence of pharmacists between the hours of 10 p.m. to 6 a.m., provided that…

Campaign Against Doping

Since 2004, a special committee established by the JPA has been active in anti-doping campaigns that target athletes participating in national athletic meets. In cooperation with the Japan Amateur Sports Association and other related organizations,…


TOPICS ON PHARMACY AND PHARMACISTS a.Amendment of the Laws came into effect: April 1 In June 2006, the Medical Service Law and many other Laws were amended. Some of the amendments have come into effect since April 2007. 1.Information disclosure…


JPA ACTIVITIES (MARCH - JULY 2007) a. JPA Issues on Elderly and Long-term Care Insurance Committee under Pharmaceutical Care Committee issued revised “Flowchart for pharmacists to check the physical condition of their customers through meals,…

The effect of one-dose package on medication adherence for the elderly care in Japan

The effect of one-dose package on medication adherence for the elderly care in Japan Attachment: JP-059-062.pdf

Country Reports from July WPPF Meeting

The WPPF Executive Meeting was held in Tokyo, Japan, July of this year and to find out the latest news from each country in our region, click source to download their country reports: Source: (Japan) July09 Country Report.pdf

JPA New Executive Board Members!

JPA New Executive Board Members! Japan Pharmaceutical Association is pleased to inform that the following were elected to the executive of JPA for a two-year term (April 2010 - March 2012) at the recent General Meeting. President: Mr. Takashi…