Children of Drug Addicts Abused

Thu, Feb 16, 2012 

Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) Legislator Alicia Wang  yesterday called on the government to pay more attention to children in families whose parents are drug addicts, as they are more likely to become the victims of abuse.

“Since 2005, there have been 217 major child abuse cases, in which 99 child victims died as a result,” Wang told a press conference at the legislature. “On average, 1.2 children die from abuse each month … that’s a scary number.”

Of all major child abuse cases, 53 involved drug addicts, while 28 children died of drug-related abuse, she said.

“In other words, 28.3 percent, or one out of four children who died from abuse, were victims of drug addicts,” Wang said.

“Children in families where parents are drug addicts are three times more likely to become abuse victims,” Wang said, adding that children of drug users are not only at risk of being abused by their own parents, but also of being abused by their parents’ friends, who are often also drug addicts.

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Children of Drug Addicts Abused