Christchurch Earthquake Information

Title: Christchurch Earthquake Information
Date: 2011/03/24

Christchurch Earthquake Information

** Close Control for medicines dispensed by South Island pharmacies – The initial provision for South Island pharmacies has been changed.  See below for messages dated 3 and 21 March.

** Emergency Supply regulations extended and can claim subsidy.  Click here for details. 

NOTE:  date extension to 14 March – see below

** Clarification of Emergency Supply and Co-Payment Temporary Changes.  Click here

** Close Control Extended for Canterbury DHB pharmacies only from 3 March.  Click here

** Narcotic Prescribing for Displaced Persons and Drug Seekers.  Click here

** Christchurch Earthquake Counselling Support.  Click here

**  Emergency Supply of Medicines Extended to 14 March.  Click here

**  Removal of Close Control for Canterbury DHB pharmacies from 21 March.  Click here

** Extension of Emergency Supply provisions ends today 14 March.  Click here