Code of Ethics Issued

8 October  2011

The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia today issued the new PSA Code of Ethics for Pharmacists following extensive consultation with Members and other health stakeholders.

Launching the code at PAC11, PSA National President Grant Kardachi said the code articulated the values of the pharmacy profession and expected standards of behaviour of pharmacists to consumers and society.

“The PSA Code consists of a number of principles covering five main areas of focus which are core to pharmacists and pharmacy practice,” Mr Kardachi said.

“These areas of focus are the consumer, the community, the pharmacy profession business practices and other health-care professionals.

“The principles capture philosophical concepts and form the foundation of the PSA Code. “

Mr Kardachi said the new code expanded and improved on the Society’s previous document  and some of the key changes implemented include:

  • Aligned principles with ‘areas of focus’ to promote a better understanding of the context and application of the principles to everyday practice.
  • Improved consistency of content between different principles.
  • Strengthened statements relating to professional autonomy and integrity.
  • Enhanced statements relating to the commitment of pharmacists to their own profession, both in terms of promoting public perception and image, and in guiding fellow members of the profession.“The principles in the PSA Code apply to every pharmacist irrespective of their role, scope, level or location of practice,” Mr Kardachi said.

“However, it is expected that all pharmacists will embrace the underlying tenet of each principle and be responsible for propagating the profession’s core values.”

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Code of Ethics Issued