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Community Pharmacy

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[Abstract] According to the WHO/FIP Good Pharmacy Practice (GPP), in the community pharmacy, pharmacist should design an isolated or semi-private space for conducting the patient counseling.
[Question] a) Should your country establish a formal GPP guideline and why? Do you have the GPP guideline published by the government or pharmacy professional organization?
b) Do you believe it is necessary to have an isolated or semi-private space for conducting the patient counseling in the community pharmacy? Please elaborate.
c) What do you think are the difficulties to establish an isolated or semi-private space for patient counseling?
d) Do you have sufficient pharmacists and pharmacy assistant to allow for patient counseling and dispensing duties at the same time? Does this occur all time when the pharmacy is open? Comment!
e) What could be changed in your country so that patient counseling can be conduct properly in the future? (for example: payment. regulation. education. ratio of pharmacist to prescription volumes)

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