Comprehensive Nicotine Regulation need

Nicotine is a known poison. It can paralyses the central nervous system, stopping the breathing process and causing death. Under the Malaysian Poisons Act 1952 (Revised 1989) and Regulations, nicotine is classified as a category C poison However, nicotine in tobacco products, particularly cigarettes, is exempted from this classification and in fact it is far more accessible than any other poisons.

As nicotine replacement products for smoking cessation are indeed regulated under the Group C of the Poisons Act, and can only be dispensed by licensed health practitioners (e.g., pharmacists, physicians or dentists) shouldn’t the same apply to nicotine in tobacco products? Clearly, nicotine is a dangerous addictive poison and needs to be regulated as such. The relevant authority, in particular the Poison Board, must take immediate actions to abolish the exemption given to nicotine in tobacco products under the current Malaysian Poisons Act 1952.