Extra Mile Services from Pharmacy

Extra Mile Services from Pharmacy

The following ‘extra mile’ services are from 11 contenders of the Australian Pharmacy of the Year 2010. They provide something extra that would make them stand out from among other pharmacies. You may be able to incorporate them in your pharmacy.


This pharmacy campaign to the local Council to provide better amenities by hosting community notice boards. The pharmacist said that someone has to look into the crossing in front of the schools, there is a need for more parks, footpaths and so on for the health of the community. Community health is important and the pharmacy sent out letters of welcome to all new arrivals in the area outlining the services available and other local pertinent issues. The pharmacy also sponsor the local football team. The pharmacist for this moment also focuses on counseling, even if the patient have been on the medication for years – even if it is just to ask how the patient is going on this medication.


This pharmacy sees itself as a classic pharmacy. It is at the centre of numerous community events in its area, organizing and sponsoring a series of celebrations and fund-raisers throughout the year. To them it is all part of supporting public life in their area.


The pharmacists here revamp the workflow of their dispensing and that include removal of less health-oriented sections such as cosmetics, and the introduction of a ‘green zone’ with natural and organic skin care, hair care and mother and baby products. Their new professional service allows greater involvement with pilot programs with universities, and cholesterol and diabetes management programs.


This pharmacy rethink from scratch and expanded into the store next door, providing as many professional services as possible, including diabetes sub-agency, HMR, weight management and blood pressure testing. The focus is two private consulting rooms – one used to longer consultations, while the other is used for counseling such as script advice and methadone dosing.


This pharmacy install a robotic dispensing thus freeing up their time to provide service, whether it be customer service or relating to dispensing, blood pressure monitoring, diabetes program, ie dispensing as efficiently as possible so the pharmacist will have extra time to spend to provide medicines counseling services.


This pharmacy uses the Webster-Pak system which solves the storage space requirements. It has a specially designed conveyor system


This pharmacy faces the opening of a bigger shopping centre nearby, followed by the arrival of a discount pharmacy. The pharmacist realize this is a big challenge and need to conduct a complete reappraisal of what is being done now, leading to a complete change in philosophy, with radical changes. First under-performing departments were removed, bringing in of more professional services such as sleep apnoea, focusing also on a fully consultancy-based program for smokers trying to quit, ie really engaging the customer.


This is the only pharmacy in a small rural community. The staff is allow to develop professional relationship with customers and provide real help when it is needed, providing information on different health topics, help people with disabilities or who are elderly, providing a transport service for people with specialist appointment in a nearby specialist centre. The pharmacy runs a diabetes program, a weight loss section and a full-time naturopath.


Community events are a big part of life in the town where the pharmacy is located, eg fashion parages, dancing program, raising fund for charity. It also provide a in-demand methadone service in a specially designed consulting room. There is also a front of shop service streams including weight loss, travel health and sleep apnoea, pain management talks at a nearby hospital with palliative care.


The staff are encouraged to reach out to the local community. Staff do Meals on Wheels onc ea month during working hours, and time is given for staff to donate blood. It provides professional health care advice not only for community members, but also local services such as child care and other care providers. The pharmacist also do community talks with day care centres, and also spoke at diabetes support group, asthma support and retirement villages. The pharmacy emphasize strongly on professional services which includes a referral where appropriate to other healthcare professionals.


The pharmacy design her own business data systems and spreadsheets, allowing to introduce key performance indicator and analyse the business effectively. Part of the business includes hosting a seniors’ day, and babies day on alternate years, with information and product stalls.