FIP 2007 Congress Beijing,China

2007 FIP 67th Annual Congress in Beijing, China

Welcome to the FIP World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences!

67th International Congress of FIP

‘From Anecdote to Evidence: Pharmacists Helping Patients Make the Best Use of Medicines’ – Beijing, China, 31 August – 6 September 2007

The leading international event for pharmacists, pharmaceutical scientists, academics, students, and multi-disciplinary partners sharing our vision of improved global healthcare.

Now more than ever, pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists have the ability and opportunity to dramatically influence the health and wellbeing of patients and communities as a whole. FIP recognises both the challenges and prospects that today’s pharmacists and scientists are facing, and as a Federation is dedicated to fostering influential professionals capable of meeting the needs and demands of an evolving healthcare paradigm.

The FIP Congress offers participants valuable information and insight into the latest trends, from broad to specialised, influencing pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences around the world. To view the programme please click on your area of interest:

˙Community Pharmacy

˙Hospital Pharmacy

˙Administrative Pharmacy and Policy Development

˙Industrial Pharmacy

˙Pharmaceutical Science and Clinical Applications

˙Pharmacy Education

˙Military and Emergency Pharmacy

In keeping with a solid reputation of cultivating professional advancement, the 2007 FIP Congress is an excellent opportunity to learn from leaders in the field of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences, gain an appreciation of the potential that the profession holds within all manner of healthcare environments, become involved in issues facing pharmacy education and human resources, and utilise the vast network built upon the FIP platform.

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