FIP Education Initiative – FIPEd

FIPEd, the new umbrella directorate encompassing FIP Education Initiative, is bringing together all of FIP’s education actions; strengthening our projects and our partnerships with the World Health Organization (WHO) and with UNESCO.



During the congress, the structure and activities of FIPEd were presented during several meetings, including in the FIP Bureau and Council meeting. The FIP Bureau reviewed the first FIPEd Steering Committee Terms of Reference, which outlines the roles and responsibilities of the Steering Committee, staff and appointed volunteer leaders. The appointed Steering Committee members include: the Chair, Dr Henri Manasse, the BPP Representative, Assoc Prof Jennifer Marriott, and the BPS representative, Prof Ross McKinnon.

FIPEd is comprised by the Academic Institutional Membership (AIM), led by Dr Wayne Hindmarsh, Canada; the Pharmacy Education Taskforce, led by Prof Ian Bates, UK; and the Academic Section, Presided by Dr Ralph Altiere, USA.

FIPEd is working to stimulate transformational change in pharmaceutical education and engender the development of science and practice, towards meeting present and future societal and workforce needs around the world.  We are advocating for the use of needs-based strategies where pharmacy education is socially accountable, where practice and science are evidence-based and practitioners have the required competencies to provide the needed services to their communities.

FIP Education Initiative will be achieved through:

  • providing a global platform for exchange, mentoring and learning for leaders and academics, focussing on the development of leadership skills and academic management and pedagogic skills;
  • building, advocating for, and disseminating evidence-based guidance, consensus-based standards, tools and resources for educational development for both organisations and practitioners.

Building on the success of the action plan (2008-2010) implemented by the FIP-WHO-UNESCO Pharmacy Education Taskforce the domains of activity will continue to move forward and to grow sustainably.

For further information about FIPEd and its activities, please contact us by email at [email protected].

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