Fourth Community Pharmacy Agreement ..

Fourth Community Pharmacy Agreement Evaluation Reports

As part of the Fourth Community Pharmacy Agreement a number of professional programs and services were delivered.

Evaluations of programs and the Professional Programs and Services Advisory Committee were completed and the reports are available below:

Professional Programs and Services Advisory Committee

PPSAC Report ($File/PPSCA%20Report.pdf)

PPSAC Report Att F R&D Case Study ($File/PPSAC%20Report%20Att%20F%20RandD%20Case%20Study.pdf)

PPSAC Report Att F Diabetes Case Study ($File/PPSAC%20Report%20Att%20F%20Diabetes%20Case%20Study.pdf)

Quality Care Pharmacy Program

QCPP Report ($File/QCPP%20Report.pdf)

QCPP Attachment A Survey ($File/QCPP%20Attachment%20A%20Survey.pdf)

Joint review of Dose Administration Aids Program and Patient Medication Profiles

DAA PMP Report ($File/DAA%20PMP%20Report.pdf)

Diabetes Pilot Program

DMAS Stage 1 Report ($File/DMAS%20Stage%201%20Report.pdf)

DMAS Stage 2 Report ($File/DMAS%20Stage%202%20Report.pdf)

DMAS Stage 2 Resources Report ($File/DMAS%20Stage%202%20Resources%20Report.pdf)

Asthma Pilot Program (Stage 1)

Asthma Pilot Program Report ($File/Asthma%20Pilot%20Program%20Report.pdf)

Residential Medication Management Review Program

RMMR Report ($File/RMMR%20Report.pdf)

RMMR Appendix A – Methodology ($File/RMMR%20Appendix%20A%20-%20%20Methodology.pdf)

RMMR Appendix B – Call for Submissions ($File/RMMR%20Appendix%20B%20-%20Call%20for%20Submissions.pdf)

RMMR Appendix C – Case Studies Report ($File/RMMR%20Appendix%20C%20-%20Case%20Studies%20Report.pdf)

Appendix D – Survey Report ($File/RMMR%20Appendix%20D%20-%20Survey%20Report.pdf)

Appendix E – Claims Data Analysis Report ($File/RMMR%20Appendix%20E%20-%20Claims%20Data%20Analysis%20Report.pdf)

RMMR Appendix F – Cost Effectiveness Analysis ($File/RMMR%20Appendix%20F%20-%20Cost%20Effectiveness%20and%20Efficiency.pdf)

RMMR Appendix G – Questionaires ($File/RMMR%20Appendix%20G%20-%20Questionnaires.pdf)

Medication Review Accreditation Incentives

MRAI Report ($File/MRAI%20REPORT.pdf)

Joint review of Rural Programs – Rural Pharmacy Workforce Program, Rural Pre-Registration Allowance and Rural Pharmacy Maintenance, Start-Up and Succession Allowances

Rural Programs Report ($File/RPWP%20Report.pdf)

Joint Review Indigenous Programs – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Pharmacy Scholarship Scheme, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Pharmacy Assistant Traineeship Scheme, and Section 100 Support Allowances

Indigenous Programs Report ($File/Indigenous%20Programs%20Report.pdf)