Guild launches free online QCPP Refresher Training for pharmacy assistants

13 Aug, 2014


The Guild Pharmacy Academy and Boehringer Ingelheim, manufacturers of Bisolvon products,
have partnered to develop the first of a new series of free online QCPP Refresher Training courses
for pharmacy assistants. The course – approved for 30 minutes of Refresher Training – covers the
issues of cough management with Pharmacy Medicines and takes advantage of the Guild’s vast
training experience and Boehringer Ingelheim’s expert product knowledge.
Sue Bond, Head of the Guild Pharmacy Academy, said: ‘This initiative allows us to deliver
comprehensive and factual training to pharmacy assistants and assist pharmacies in meeting their
QCPP Refresher Training requirements. Although Boehringer Ingelheim’s contribution is
invaluable it is also very balanced. Maintaining our integrity as a training provider is paramount
and the Academy has gone to great lengths to ensure that the content is unbiased and informative.’
Pharmacy staff employed in QCPP accredited pharmacies, who supply Pharmacy Medicines and
Pharmacist Only Medicines, must complete mandatory initial training via a Recognised Course in the
supply of these products, as well as ongoing Refresher Training (at least three hours per year).
Anthony Tassone, the President of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia (Victorian Branch) and Chair
of the Guild Pharmacy Academy, said: ‘Pharmacy Medicines and Pharmacist Only Medicines, like other
medicines are not normal items of commerce and is what differentiates community
pharmacy. Up-skilling staff in the supply of these medicines is critical to ensuring community
pharmacy continues to be a trusted and sought-after primary healthcare destination which
Australians value. The Guild recognises the time pressures faced by pharmacy management and so
is dedicated to offering a range of training products to suit the varying needs of community
Mr Tassone added: ‘Increasing your pharmacy assistants’ knowledge of management of common
minor ailments, such as coughs, will ensure they are able to provide customers with accurate
product information and advice as well as understanding when there is the need to refer to the

The new course, titled ‘A pharmacy assistant’s guide to managing cough – Bisolvon’, will be available via
the Guild Pharmacy Academy’s online learning platform for pharmacy assistants,

This approved QCPP Refresher Training for pharmacy assistants includes the following learning
 Differentiate between the different types of coughs.
 Describe the action of each of the active ingredients used to treat cough.
 Apply the ‘Ask, Assess, Advise’ protocol within a customer case study.
 Identify which active ingredients are suitable to treat each different type of cough.
 Identify which patient factors for cough would require referral to the pharmacist.
Pharmacy organisations looking to be involved in the development of future training modules
should contact Adam Casey at the Guild Pharmacy Academy on 03 9810 9945.