Harm Minisation Under The Spotlight

Harm minimisation is a growing area of pharmacy practice and its importance will continue to gain prominence with the evolution to a more collaborative health-care model. To help pharmacists take advantage of the opportunities presented by the provision of harm minimisation services, a pre Congress session is being held on Thursday, 6 October 2011, at PAC11.

The session will examine a range of relevant topics including issues where speakers will delve into the current state of the nation, national legislative and procedural state variations and interstate transfer procedures.

In addition, presentations covering state and national statistics and the international and Australian situations in drug misuse/overuse will help delegates keep abreast of current developments.
Looking to the future, the session will cover new treatments on the horizon while also looking at the important topic of client-pharmacy dispute and issue resolution mechanisms. This session will also provide an allocated forum for pharmacists to ask questions, clarify issues, and identify concerns and themes.

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