iBulletin 140410

10  Apr , 2014
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Dear Members,

The Council members had the privilege to hold a half-hour meeting on 8-4-14 with a very busy and hardworking Health Minister, YB Datuk Seri Dr S Subramaniam. It was very timely because there were several pressing issues to address namely:-

  1. FAPA Congress 2014 – The Minister was invited to the Opening Ceremony of FAPA Congress on 9-10-14 and the Welcome Reception afterwards. He was prepared to consider supporting the participation at FAPA from the Ministry of Health.
  2. New Pharmacy Act – While waiting for the New Pharmacy Act to be “fine-tuned” and tabled at Parliament, the Minister was prepared to consider the possibility of granting Pharmacy Practicing License to pharmacists to replace the present system of applying for locum and surrendering license whenever leave of absence is applied.
  3. Management of Medicines
    • Professional fees – The Minister was requested to consider providing for pharmacists to change a nominal professional fee for consultation in specific programme such as the accredited MyWeight MyHealth programme, Certified Smoking Cessation Service Provider programme (CSCSP).
    • Extension of dispensing of prescription medicines – The Minister was prepared to consider requesting doctors to issue repeat prescriptions for patients “stabilized” on prescription medicines.
  4. Update on Dispensing Separation

    While waiting for “Dispensing Separation”, certain situation has remained jeopardizing the best practice of pharmacists. Top amongst these is the situation of disparity in pricing between doctors and pharmacist resulting often in the “runner” trade being on the increase. The Minister was “alerted” to the unhealthy situation and he would address this seriously.

    At the request of the Minister, a letter followed immediately to the Minister with the points discussed. It is felt that the Minister hold high regards for the pharmacists, thanks to all the hard work and excellent performance by the Pharmaceutical Services Division and the pharmacists at large. We await proactive attention by the Minister.

Meanwhile, the Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society will see a new team being elected into office at the Annual General Meeting on 24-5-2014. A fine selection of candidates consisting of “old” and “new” faces have been nominated representing pharmacists from different disciplines. The mix of elected Council Members will no doubt provide the continuity as well as “freshness” to the Council.

Several important matters were “brain-stormed” and recommended at the recent strategic meeting held and they must be pursued. An advertisement for a full-time executive to “drive” the CPD programme has been put up and able candidates sought. Dedicated pharmacist are urged to apply to build our human capital which is a most important “asset” of our Society. At the same time certain “unhealthy” practice of “inducement” must be addressed and hopefully eliminated. Every effort must be made to uphold the dignity of our profession and practice. We thank all our present members and future members for being the “architects” of our noble profession. May we continue to build on the solid groundwork put in and make our profession “stand tall” for all to see!

Yours in MPS
(Datuk Nancy Ho)


Nominations for the forthcoming Council election to bring in a new set of Council Members for the term 2014/2016 is now closed. At the closing of the nomination, there were 20 candidates nominated to fill 14 vacancies.

   >>> The full list of candidates can be found online here.

Please note that the online Ballot Paper is not valid for voting.

Members will be receiving their official original Ballot Paper by post. They are advised to mark the candidates of their choice carefully within the box provided. Each member is allow to vote from 1 to 14 candidates on the single Ballot Paper. This Ballot Paper is to be returned to the MPS Secretariat using the provided MPS-addressed envelope. Use of other envelopes will not be consider. Spoilt votes will also not be considered and request for extra copy of the Ballot Paper will not be entertained.

The CV of the candidates are provided online.

MPS ANNUAL SEMINAR: 23rd – 25th MAY 2014

This year’s MPS Annual Seminar is specially design to cater for all pharmacists irrespective of the area of practice. On day 1, the theme Medication Safety – The Pharmacist Concern cuts across all sectors whether you are in public or private practice, in the industry or in manufacturing. International and local speakers who have hands-on experience both internationally as well as locally have been invited to share their knowledge, being from the US, Saudi Arabia and from Penang (USM), including our own hospital pharmacist who has the in depth local knowledge that is so important to ensure medication safety in our own hospitals.

On day 2, the pharmacy profession in Malaysia will be in focus and it is plan to present the strategies as mapped out during the recent MPS Strategic Meeting. Included in the program will be issues related to the New Pharmacy Act, Compulsory CPD and also a proposal for a special section for House Pharmacists.

Information on registration for the seminar can be found at the MPS website here


  • Retail Pharmacist/ Melaka/ Home-Care Pharmacy Sdn Bhd/ Mr. Koo: 0126838633 @ 0162368110/ [email protected]
  • Retail Pharmacist/ Klang Valley/ Materia Medica Pharmacy/ Mr Saiful Islam Yusoff : 013 628 0139/ Pn Puteri Nurulain Salleh: 03 6038 1810/ [email protected]
  • Production Pharmacist/ Melaka/ Xepa-Soul Pattinson (M) Sdn Bhd/ Human Resource Department: 06-3351515/ [email protected]
  • Retail Pharmacist/ Ipoh/ Globe Pharmacy/ Mr. Rajiv: 016-2603444, Mr. Sim: 012-5576812/ [email protected]
  • Clinical Informaticist (Pharmacy)/ Kuala Lumpur/ Pantai Holdings BHD/ [email protected]
  • Pharmacist/ Petaling Jaya, Selangor/ Tropicana Medical Centre (M) Sdn Bhd/ Mr Shazli Sallehudin: 603-62871196/ [email protected]
  • Retail Pharmacist/ Watson’s Personal Care Stores Sdn Bhd/ HR Department: 03-21432386/ [email protected]
  • Retail Pharmacist/ Ampang Area, Desa Petaling, Kepong Area, Klang, Kota Kemuning, Mutiara Tropicana, Puchong, Setia Alam, Sungai Buloh, Sri Damansara, Setiawangsa, Sentul, Setapak area, Selangor Mansion , Selayang, Sri Rampai & Taman Melawati/ Health Lane Family Pharmacy/ [email protected]
  • Pharmacist (Rengit-Johor)/ Pharmacist & experienced Pharmacist Assistances (Parit Sulong-Johor)/ Pharmacist (Kota Kinabalu-Sabah)/ Kinabalu Pharmacy (Batu Pahat) Sdn Bhd/ Mr Lim: 07-434043/ [email protected]
  • Retail Pharmacist/ Melaka/ City Medic Pharmacy Sdn Bhd/ 06-335 5535/ [email protected], [email protected]
  • Procurement Pharmacist (2 vacancies)/ Selangor/ MEDISPEC (M) SDN BHD/ 03-78049054/ [email protected]
  • Masters/PhD candidate wanted/ Dr Pauline Lai: [email protected]
  • Retail Pharmacist/ Klang Valley/ Constant Pharmacy/ Mr Loh – [email protected]
  • Pharmacist/ Pulau Pinang/ Penang Adventist Hospital/ [email protected]

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