Include Pharmacies in ‘Medication via Post’ Service

Title: Include Pharmacies in ‘Medication via ..
Date: 2011/04/24
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Society: Include Pharmacies in ‘Medication via Post’ Service


THE Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society (MPS) would like retail pharmacies to act as intermediaries for patients who choose to receive their medication via post.


This service, which will be free, is provided as an alternative to having the medication delivered directly to the patient.


In February, the Ministry of Health started the Pos 1Malaysia Medication Service where patients suffering from chronic diseases but who are in stable condition and on long-term medication, can apply for the medication to be sent to their doorstep.


The service was introduced to reduce the number of patient load at hospital pharmacies.


MPS president Datuk Nancy Ho, who agreed that the move is a good method to reduce patient load in hospitals, however, said human errors can happen.


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