The MPS, together with the Pharmaceutical Services Division, is organizing a Clinical Pharmacy Conference on 23-24th June on “Enhancing Pharmaceutical Care in Diabetes Management”.

“Clinical” does not necessarily meant for hospital only. From the topics you will see that they are all very relevant to community pharmacy practice.

The dates are also specially chosen on Saturday and Sunday so that community pharmacist can attend.

Moving away from Group B, there are opportunities in the C’s and pharmaceutical care services.

The topics for the conference are applicable for community pharmacists like:

˙Prevention of Cardiovascular Complications In Diabetics

˙Pharmaceutical Care in Diabetes Mellitus – Challenge for Primary Care Pharmacist

˙Updates On Managing Diabetic Neuropathy

There is also a series of lectures on Wound Management which are of interest to the community:

˙History of The Development Of Dressings

˙New Developments in The Treatment of Diabetic Ulcers

˙Nutritional Concerns In Diabetes

It is your service that distinguishes you from another. Price war may make you “retail king” but you end up also the loser as you would be busy for nothing, selling volumes but not the profits. So don’t play the loser game. Play the winning game of pharmaceutical care which may need more personal effort but it is what you can best serve the community who will in turn appreciate you. Doctors have refuse to consider community pharmacists as professionals because they see them as traders, earning their fees through product margin, the only profession that do not charge separate professional fee. The model that the Society and Pharmacy Division, MoH, do not want to see this continue for long. We need pharmacists cooperation to make the paradigm shift. Your response to the Ckinical Pharmacy Conference will indicate if there is willingness to change.

Five local as well as three overseas speakers have been invited to deliver the lectures. This program is for you. Please don’t miss it