Medical Practice: Not All Doctors Unet

Medical Practice: Not All Doctors Unethical

It is true that we have all at one time or another have been to government or private clinics and hospitals. Hence, we have had experiences with different doctors at different times at different healthcare centres.

But, it is not fair to brand all doctors as stated by C.S.C. The attitude of a doctor may vary depending on where he is working. It may change over time, the environment and working condition. One enters medical college with dreams of being a good doctor to serve the sick and suffering.

There, one is taught to be kind and sympathetic towards patients. One, then, realises that the medical profession needs a lot of patience because it deals with men, women and children. Thus, after about 51/2 years of learning and training, and spending about RM100,000, he finally graduates from the medical college.

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