Medical Students Urge Candidates To Focus on Health

27 October 2011

LONG HOURS: Groups of medical workers said that many of them were forced to work up to 120 hours per week, sometimes with long stretches of 30 hours.

Medical students urged the candidates in next year’s presidential election to unveil their plans and policy directions on medical care and welfare to improve an environment in which staff are often overworked.

Pharmaceutical Students’ Association in Taiwan vice president Heyman Lee (李懿軒) said pharmacists in teaching hospitals handled up to 150 prescriptions a day last year, when the hospital accreditation standard in Taiwan only allows 70 per day.

Regulations in the US and Japan are as low as 40 per day, Lee said.

Pharmacists in Taiwan only have about 4.8 minutes to handle each prescription, leaving them with very little time to instruct the patients, he said.


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Medical Students Urge Candidates To Focus on Health