National Student Business Plan …

National Student Business Plan Competition

The fourth National Student Business Plan competition, an Australia-wide challenge promoting creative entrepreneurship among students preparing for a career in community pharmacy, is being judged in Hobart this weekend.

Three teams – from Sydney University, Griffith University and Monash University – have been selected as finalists based on their business plans for the establishment or purchase of a pharmacy. Each team will make a 15-minute presentation at the 2010 Pharmacy Women’s Congress this weekend, in an attempt to convince the audience that their business plan deserves financial support. The judges will then name the winner.

The objective of the competition is to encourage pharmacy students to consider how they would go about structuring their own pharmacy business, and produce a business plan. It gives Australia’s best and brightest pharmacy students an opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of pharmacy practice through innovative and financially secure business models.

The competition was open to all pharmacy schools in Australia, with a total of nine entries received.

The National Student Business Plan Competition is organised by the Pharmacy Guild of Australia and is sponsored by Pharmacy Defence Limited (PDL), and Gold Cross Products and Services.