NZHPA Drug Information & SIG Meeting

NZHPA Drug Information & Clinical Pharmacy SIG Meeting

Venue: Auckland City Hospital, 7 – 8 October 2006

This will be another great NZHPA experience to learn and to share medicines information. The style of these gatherings is always relaxed and informal, and first-time attendees and presenters are very welcome.

Topics will include:

·Herbal Medicines & Drug Interactions (incl chemotherapy & transplant mediciness) with Phil Rasmussen.

·Drugs and QT Prolongation from paediatric research fellow Judith McCormick

·A paper from renal research fellow Paul Manley.

Registration details are on the NZHPA website

If you would like to present a paper, or to find out more about the meeting, contact Priya Pratapsingh at [email protected]