PGA Newsletter Vol.1 No.16,31st August 2011

PGA Newsletter Vol.1 No.16,31st August 2011

The number of clinical interventions and other Fifth Agreement professional services

recorded by pharmacies with the GuildCare suite of Programs continues to rise. GuildCare

data is showing some stunning results with over 40,000 cases having been competed from

1 July to 24Augusy. This includes 17,300 MedScreen services,16,100 clinical

interventions,5406 Dose Administration Aid(DAA) patient detections and 1400 health

professional referrals.These are amazing numbers.All pharmacies need to note that, if you

are one of the 4700 pharmacies that registered to receive Pharmacy Practice Incentives

(PPIs) on or before 30 June, it is now essential that you start to record the services you are

providing. Failing to do so means you will be in breach of your obligations, having

accepted the start-up allowance 

Please refer to the resource!

PGA Newsletter Vol.1 No.16,31st August 2011