PGA Newsletter – Vol.1 No.26 November 2011

Pharmacy Board on labelling of DAAs

In a communiqué issued last Friday, 4 November, the Pharmacy Board of Australia raised the issue of labelling of Dose Administration Aids (DAAs).

As outlined in the board’s guidelines on specialised supply arrangements, “Dispensed medicines in a DAA are to be labelled in accordance with any statutory provisions and in accordance with these guidelines with a view to maximizing the benefits of the therapy, improving the patients’ understanding of the treatment, enhancing compliance and minimising adverse effects.”

The guidelines also state, “The label on the DAA should maximise compliance, promote usability and minimise error. It should identify clearly the name of the patient, the name and address of the pharmacy, the name, strength and dose form of the medicines, the directions for use, and the date of filling.”

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PGA Newsletter – Vol.1 No.26 November 2011