Pharmaceutical Economics and Decision Making: Workshop Series Module 2

Pharmaceutical Economics and Decision Making: Workshop Series Module 2 (Intermediate)

˙Date: Wednesday 21st July – Friday 23rd July 2010 (2½ Days)

˙Venue: Holiday Inn Glenmarie, Shah Alam

Economic issues involved in health care are recognised in all countries to be of great importance. Understanding the resource issues and the ways in which economics can help to analyse them is increasingly necessary for health professionals, whether in clinical, in health services management or in health care related industries.

This workshop deals with methods in cost-effectiveness analysis for pharmaceuticals. It is designed to meet the demand for economic evaluation skills in the health care sector and offers training both in the conceptual bases for economic evaluation and in quantitative methods. It includes discussion on costing methods and health state preference valuation.

The workshop is structured around the analytical steps required to develop economic analyses to inform decision makers such as hospital managers and formulary committees. It includes a series of small group exercises focusing on the development and analysis of a decision model. It is designed for those wishing to appreciate and appraise studies done by others, or requiring a foundation for more advanced study.

The aims of the workshop are to introduce the main techniques used in applied health economics, and to provide skills on the application of such techniques. By the end of the course, participants should be able to:

˙Select appropriate evaluation methods

˙Understand methods used in economics evaluation

˙Interpret the result from various economics studies

˙Prepare a document for the purpose of drug listing

For full details, please refer to attachment.

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