Pharmacist Coalition Calls For Greater Recognition of Pharmacist Roles

14th October 2011 by PCHR

The Pharmacist Coalition for Health Reform has welcomed the Labor Party Caucus Health Committee’s description of pharmacy professionals as the “vital link” in the Australian health system.

Speaking at the Pharmacy Australia Congress 2011 (PAC11), Chair of the Health Committee, Laura Smyth also acknowledged that there is ‘still a lack of appropriate recognition in the general community for the diversity and the central importance of the pharmacy profession’.

PCHR spokesperson and Chief Executive Officer of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, Liesel Wett says that pharmacists have the skills and expertise to provide improved healthcare services to the community and it was a goal of the PCHR to positively contribute to healthcare reform.

“The Pharmacist Coalition wants to work with Government, doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals through the health reform process to develop models that will make our health system stronger, more effective and more affordable for Australians.

Ms Wett said the Pharmacist Coalition had a vision for a future where Australian pharmacists:

    • Work in healthcare teams to provide integrated care for patients in GP practices, clinics, hospitals, rehabilitation centres and community health centres.
    • Provide follow up support to patients leaving hospital to help them manage their  medicines, keep an eye out for possible adverse
      affects and prevent them from relapsing and being readmitted to hospitals
    • Are funded to consult with patients in their pharmacy, or during home visits, to review, monitor and educate them about their medicines
    • Are part of the team working in and through Medicare Locals, helping to make decisions about the healthcare services needed by their communities
    • Work in or closely with aged care facilities to support residents to take medicines safely and effectively, and to monitor and recommend changes to their medicines

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Coalition Calls For Greater Recognition of Pharmacist Roles