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Welcome to the Communication Platform for Pharmacists in the Western Pacific Region!
The Pharmacists’ Forum is intended as a discussion platform for pharmacists to share information on all aspects of pharmacy in their countries, with the guidance of topics proposed by the WPPF Executives. Every two months, the WPPF Executives Board will propose a topic focusing on either pharmacy practice in the hospital or community setting, pharmacy education or other issues concerning pharmacy in the Western Pacific Region. Through the development of the FIP Global Hospital Pharmacy Consensus Statements, WPPF would like to start off topics concerning Hospital Pharmacy by proposing questions deriving from the FIP document. Through the exchange of experiences on this Pharmacists’ Forum, WPPF wishes to foster closer ties between pharmacy professionals in our region and to advance pharmacy practice and education through the cross fertilization of ideas. 
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General Guideline to Posting Your opinions on the Pharmacists’ Forum:
  1. Please register for an account on the WPPF website by clicking “Login” on the top right corner before posting.
  2. Please note that your opinions are encouraged in English and please indicate your country of origin.
  3. The topics are proposed AND/OR reviewed by the WPPF Executives periodically. You’ re welcome to  a topic for discussion.
  4. This Forum is not a venue for unrelated sites or services. Content that is posted for the sole-purpose of unrelated promotion (e.g. Spam) will be removed and may result in a permanent loss of forum privileges.
  5. Any other queries, please email to WPPF Managing Editor/Website Coordinator:[email protected]