Promotion of Safety Drug Use by Inspects of Abandoned Medicines

To Maintain The Safety of Drugs Use,Taipei City Government Promotes The Inspects of  Abandoned Medicines.

Author: Yi-Chin Chang |National Education Radio] December 5, 2011 

Translator: Kuan-Wen Chen

In order to assure the citizens’ safety for medical use, the department of health, Taipei city government is going to hold “The home medical security check week” from today to December 10th. The activity appeals the citizen for taking their abandoned medicines from drawer and cabinet to the nearby “home abandoned medicine inspected station”. The in-station pharmacists will classify and dispose the abandoned medicines. The pharmacists also provide the free medical consultation services.

The Taipei city has set up 363 home abandoned medicine disposing sites by combining the hospital pharmacy, community pharmacy, and health service center. The pharmacist Lee-Chen Yi said “The recycles include health food, syringe needle, and the syrup, I recommend the citizen to separate the health food and syringe needle at home, it may prevent the worker hurt during the inspected process by the infected wastes.

Lee-Chen Yi  emphasized “the disposing of medicines is not equal to the recycling of medicines”. It helps people for checking the storage life of medicines and health food. So the unexpired health food is still edible after checking. They also recommend no matter the medicines is expired or not, people should take their home medicines to the station for checking

The department of health showed the effects of the home abandoned medicine disposing station by October. The total abandoned medicines are 23,575.02 kilogram (13,944.54 kilogram for solid medicines, 2,624.24 kilogram for recycling medical container, 3,518.19 kilogram for liquid abandoned medicines, 3,487.65 kilogram for the used syringe needle). People can search the near-home stations through the website of the department of health for the safety of medical use.

 The original version comes from Taiwan Pharmacy Internet Portal