PSA Branch Committee member honoured

2 Jun, 2014


Queensland Branch Committee Vice President of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, Dr Chris Freeman, has been named as the recipient of the 2014 AACP Consultant Pharmacist of the Year Award.

Dr Freeman, who is a Brisbane-based accredited pharmacist, is a previous winner of the PSA’s Young Pharmacist of the Year Award.

The latest award recognises an outstanding contribution by an accredited pharmacist to the practice of consultant pharmacy.

Dr Freeman said he was honoured to have been named Consultant Pharmacist of the Year.

“To receive this honour from my peers means a great deal to me, you only have to look at the calibre of the previous recipients to understand how prestigious this award is,” Dr Freeman said.

“There is an undeniable role for pharmacists within the general practice medical centre environment with an overall goal to improve the quality use of medications in the practice population.

“We must remain positive and optimistic about the future of pharmacist-delivered, high-quality medication review and QUM services. We must continue to advocate our importance to both patient care and the healthcare system at every opportunity.”

National President of the PSA, Grant Kardachi, said Dr Freeman was a very worthy recipient of the award.

“Chris has pioneered work in establishing pharmacists within a GP practice and he has demonstrated by example that there are huge benefits available to patients and to the practice through this model,” Mr Kardachi said.

“This is healthcare collaboration being put into action and Chris is able to monitor compliance, conduct medicines reviews as well as educating patients and the clinic staff about medicines and medicines issues. The health and wellbeing of patients is improved by having Chris onsite at the clinic.”

Mr Kardachi said Dr Freeman’s skills and expertise were widely recognised across the healthcare sector.

“Chris’s work is looked up to by fellow pharmacists, GPs, stakeholders and government. His innovative approach has helped to improve patient and community outcomes and is an example for other pharmacists to examine as the profession reassess how we do business.”

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