PSA congratulates George Tambassis on Guild appointment

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Jun,12  2013

The National President of the PSA, Grant Kardachi, today congratulated Mr George Tambassis on his appointment as the Interim Council Nominee for the position of National President of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia which becomes vacant in October.

Mr Kardachi said Mr Tambassis, a Victorian pharmacist, was highly regarded and would bring to the position commitment and passion gleaned over his many years as a community pharmacist.

Mr Tambassis has been the President of the Guild’s Victorian Branch since 2011 and over the past 25 years has built up a business of pharmacy ownership in rural and suburban Victoria.

“I have met George on several occasions and we have had very good discussions about pharmacy and the future of the profession,” Mr Kardachi said.

“George has a great passion for community pharmacy as well as a pragmatic and realistic approach as to what we as a profession need to do to work towards securing a sustainable and viable future.

“As Victorian President of the Guild he has always been open to discussion, collaboration and a whole-of-profession approach and I look forward to working with him in his new role.”

Mr Kardachi said having a ‘handover’ period before the current President, Kos Sclavos, stepped down, would give Mr Tambassis an opportunity to tap into Mr Sclavos’s enormous wealth of knowledge and experience.

“And this, coupled with George’s own initiatives, ideas and enthusiasm will help put the profession in a strong position as we head into the negotiating phase of the next Community Pharmacy Agreement,” Mr Kardachi said.

“It is important that PSA is able to put forward its ideas, suggestions and concerns during this phase of the CPA process and I am confident that George will be receptive to our input for the good of the profession as a whole.”


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