PSA Register to Help Flood Victims

PSA Register to Help Flood Victims

The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia has established a register to help provide targeted help to pharmacists affected by the floods in Queensland and northern New South Wales.

Pharmacists affected by the floods have been asked to provide PSA with suggestions of what assistance they may need in the coming weeks and months to help them get back on their feet.

In addition, PSA has contacted all PSA Members throughout Australia asking for those who can provide any assistance to contact PSA so that their offers can be matched against the needs of affected pharmacists.

National President of the PSA, Warwick Plunkett, said the register would help to ensure that assistance provided went where it was needed most and where it could provide the most benefit.

Pharmacists wanting to make suggestions on the help needed, or offer their assistance, should contact PSA.

Pharmacists wanting to make donations to help their colleagues can do so through the PSA Benevolent Fund, with the appropriate donation form available here.

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