PSA welcomes reappointment of George Tambassis as National President of Pharmacy Guild

16 Oct, 2014


The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia has welcomed the announcement by the Pharmacy Guild of Australia that George Tambassis has been re-elected as the organisation’s National President for a further three-year term.

National President of the PSA, Grant Kardachi, said the re-election of Mr Tambassis came at an important time with the Guild, PSA and the pharmacy profession now in the preparation phase of the next Community Pharmacy Agreement.

“This is a critical time for the pharmacy profession as a whole and to have a person of George’s stature remain at the helm of the Guild gives stability and future direction to the profession,” Mr Kardachi said.

“This stability is also necessary to ensure that the collaborative approach to the agreement produces the best outcomes for the profession and the community that pharmacists serve.

“PSA is an integral part of that collaborative process and we have always found George’s leadership to be pivotal in guiding the discussions forward in a positive and achievable manner.

“In my professional and personal dealings with George I have been impressed by his great passion for community pharmacy as well as his ongoing pragmatism as to the challenges the profession is facing.

“He has a very realistic approach as to what we as a profession need to do to work towards securing a sustainable and viable future.”

Mr Kardachi said Mr Tambassis was always open to discussion, collaboration and a whole-of-profession approach.

“PSA’s initiatives and ideas sit well with George’s enthusiasm and together I am confident we will continue our collaborative and cohesive approach to putting the profession in a strong position as we move forward,” Mr Kardachi said.

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