Quick Take (03/10/12)

Main News:

1.WHO-New WHO Book Showcases Ways to Safeguard Medications

2.WHO-Newsletter No.1,2012

3.FIPNewsletter 5 March,2012

News Update:

 1.Continued Dispensing Passes Through Parliament

 2.Pharmacy Guilds Sign Memorandum of Understanding

 3.PGA Newsletter – Vol.2 No.7 29th Feb.,2012

 4.PGA Newsletter – Vol.2 No.8 7th Mar.,2012

 5.New edition of Australia’s Everyday Guide to Pharmacy Practice – APF22

 6.COA Test Chickens in 3 New H5N2 Case

Pharmacy Education- E- Learning:

1.Sumatriptan fast-disintegrating tablets (Imigran FDT) and substitution with other PBS-listed brands

International New:

1.WHO-More than 900 000 Lives Saved by Protecting People Living With HIV From TB

2. WHO-New WHO Book Showcases Ways to Safeguard Medications

3.WHO-Newsletter No.1,2012

4.FIP-Newsletter 5 March,2012

Patient Safety):

1.Antimicrobial resistance


1.The evolving threat of antimicrobial resistance – Options for action