Real Impact of Pharmacies on Ageing Population

16th Feb,2012

Delegates to the 2012 Offshore Refresher Conference will hear of the impact on pharmacies of an ageing population and how the attendant rise in medical costs for individuals as they get older affects health costs.

In a presentation entitled „The Current Pharmaceutical Environment – Implications for Pharmacy‟ PwC partner John Cannings, OAM, will present details about the growing burden of disease from an ageing population.

“The most expensive person in the world today is an 80-year-old male living in the United States,” Mr Canning says. “Generally we start getting very expensive in heath cost terms after we turn 65, and then we become the most expensive from the ages of 80 to 90.”

Mr Cannings said his presentation will also look at the impact that a lack of new drugs coming to market would have on pharmacy, particularly the absence of new blockbuster drugs in the pipeline, as well as how drugs going off patent will have a financial impact on pharmacy practice.

“In my presentation I will also look at the increases in the cost of heath and the measures governments are taking to try to contain theses costs, both in Australia and in offshore environments,” Mr Cannings said.

“All of these factors have a major impact on the operations of community pharmacies.”

Mr Cannings is an experienced and well-known corporate and commercial lawyer.

He specialises in corporate and securities law, mergers and acquisitions, strategic alliances and policy issues, particularly in the health and pharmaceutical sectors.

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Real Impact of Pharmacies on Ageing Population