Rural Pharmacy Scholarships announced


Rural Pharmacy Scholarships announced 

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia is pleased to announce the recipients of the Rural Pharmacy Scholarship
Scheme 2012. 

Forty-one students from across the country were awarded the prestigious scholarship, which provides them
with up to $40,000 during their time at university. See the list of winners, attached. 

“The Rural Pharmacy Scholarships provide financial support to students from rural and remote
communities,” the National President of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, Kos Sclavos, said. 

Scholarship holders receive $10,000 each year, for up to four years of study, to help cover the costs
associated with studying away from home. They also participate in a mentor program aimed at reinforcing
the students’ ties to rural and regional Australia.

“The mentoring program not only helps the students develop a learning plan, but it provides support to
students outside of the university environment. It’s an important tool for supporting students who have
come from rural and remote areas and are studying away from their family support base.” 

Scholarship holders are encouraged to pursue a career in pharmacy in a rural or remote area of Australia
after graduation. During their studies they have a responsibility to promote rural pharmacy as a career
choice to secondary school students. 

The Rural Pharmacy Scholarship Scheme is an initiative of the Rural Pharmacy Workforce Program,
established in recognition of the key role pharmacists play in maintaining the health of all Australians. The
program is funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing as part of the Fifth
Community Pharmacy Agreement.  

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