Significant achievements for Guild’s myCPD

16 Oct, 2014


With the recent CPD year for pharmacists ending on the 30th of September the Guild’s myCPD
site has achieved impressive registration and enrolment figures over the past twelve months.
The myCPD site, which provides education and training opportunities for pharmacists, interns,
students, pharmacy and dispensary assistants, has just passed 30,000 registered users. With
between 300 and 500 new users joining the site each month this significant growth is expected to
Victorian Branch President, National Councilor and Chair of the Academy Management
Committee, Anthony Tassone, who was responsible for the initial development of the myCPD site
said: ‘This is a fantastic result for myCPD and the broader industry taking up the Guild’s offer.
The growth in registered users has occurred in a little over three years and indicates that the Guild
is assisting a large proportion of pharmacists to meet their annual CPD requirements. The myCPD
site has grown now to include training courses for pharmacy and dispensary assistants.’
The myCPD site also reported that over the past 12 months more than 40,000 education
assessments had been completed by pharmacists and pharmacy staff. The myCPD site provides
pharmacists with a simple, visual dashboard which allows pharmacists to monitor their progress
and determine what and how much training they need to complete before the end of the CPD
‘These are impressive figures and clearly demonstrate that community pharmacy values the
ongoing pipeline of new education that the Guild Pharmacy Academy provides,’ said Mr. Tassone.
The myCPD site provides a range of clinical, business and management courses to both
pharmacists and pharmacy staff. Recent additions to the myCPD have focused on clinical content
and this will continue over the coming months. Furthermore, the Guild has a number of courses
in development which will assist pharmacy owners and their staff manage and grow their
businesses. The myCPD site really has become a key tool to assist pharmacists meet their CPD
requirements and gain both clinical and business skills to enhance community pharmacy.
Pharmacy organisations looking to work with the Guild Academy in the development of training
education courses for pharmacy staff should contact Adam Casey at the Guild Pharmacy Academy
on 03 9810 9945.